Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Fear Not!

This blog has surpassed 200 pageviews. Yay! Thank you everyone who has taken the time to follow my writing journey.

Speaking of writing journey, fear not, I have not abandoned it! The past few days have been busy with other things, and to be fair part of that has been procrastinating. Filling in plot gaps from bullet points is about as exciting as it sounds. I know where I start, I know where I end, but have to spin out the thread to get from one to the other. There are some dramatic scenes included in the particular plot gap I'm working on, but I'm moving there at a snail's pace. But, slow and steady wins the race, right?

At this point, The Brightest Night as expanded from 111-ish pages to 128 pages, which is a fairly big leap. I think, in finished form, it will probably end up being around 200 pages, which is a respectable sized book.

This does make me wonder how some authors can churn out several hundred page volumes on a regular basis. The entire process would be exhausting, and then it would be incredibly difficult to keep track of everything, and you'd need to write extensive notes to yourself anytime you introduced a person, animal, thing, or idea that comes back later in the plot, or even if it doesn't, just in case it does. The thought of it is mind boggling, to say the least.

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