Monday, 27 May 2013

Step One: Complete

As a fun fact, this blog has reached 100 pageviews! Yay!

So, after getting in a few hours of editing, I have done a complete read-through of my draft, and done the first round of edits. After nine days, it stands at 120 pages, with significant plot holes sketched in with bullet points, approximately 56,000 words of fantasy goodness. For a first draft, I'm pretty happy with it. I will be starting on filling in the plot holes in the next few days, and when that's done, I want to go back and address issues that came up when I was editing.

One of the main things I want to do is re-write the first chapter, because it makes no sense in a lot of ways, and I don't manage to introduce the concepts that I want to introduce. I also realize that the romance in the story line appears in all of five paragraphs, which does not do justice to the tension and relationship between Riley and Kael, and needs to be significantly expanded. This will also help me flesh out the magic system better, because it has rules in my mind.

There's a few details I need to solidify, like sigils and flags and rank structure for armed forces. I also need to unify the plot in terms of equivalent historical period. Currently it is floating in a semi-Victorian setting, except without the coming of industrialization. This is bothering me, so I will figure something else out. I have also realized that at no point do I ever describe anyone as wearing armor, despite the fact that army encampments feature prominently.

I'm feeling good about the process so far, and hoping that my willingness to work continues!

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